Fiscal Deposit

Foreign merchandise storage. The merchandise
may be extracted totally or partially for its import, paying taxes.

Distribution Center

Almacenadora Mexico has the implementation
of distribution centers within the supply chain

About Us

As well as the search of more efficient and economic methods
to handle products in the total chain
in the “outsourcing” modality under the “Total Quality”









ALMACENADORA MÉXICO, S.A. DE C.V. (ALMEX) is a Mexican company, constituted in the year of 1988, licensed by the Federal Government
as Credit Auxiliary Organization to operate as general deposit warehouse







Grupo Almacenadora México, It is a 100% Mexican

With the interest of providing our services to you, GRUPO ALMACENADORA MEXICO using the attributions granted by Mexican Laws, presents again the integrated services that get products closer to the end consumer, offering location authorization services, national and fiscal deposit warehousing, financing, commercialization, exhibitions, logistics, linking maritime, air and ground services. Hoping this is of your interest and at your service to clarify any question, please receive my kind regards.







Grupo Almacenadora México, is a 100% Mexican



We are regulated by the various authorities



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